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March 3, 2010

An unplanned and eventful ride that took a detour to goa

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Day 1

27th feb, 5 pm: I was online chatting with Gaurav about plans for the long weekend. He said lets go to hampi, and after checking the distance i seen that it was just 750km’s on a 4 lane highway so I agreed. A few phone calls later we had 7 people ready for the trip. We planned on meeting at vashi at 8:30 and riding till satara for the night. With a few hours remaining, i pack up and left my place at 7. We got a call from Samir and Sumedh saying that they will leave in the morning and catch up with us at Satara.

27th feb, 9 pm: As expected, not everyone showed up on time so it was already 9pm and we were still waiting at Vashi. Hunger was setting in, but we wanted to cover some distance before stopping so we rode up to khopoli where we took a dinner break at a highway dhaba. Fueled up with the chicken hundi that we just had for dinner, we passed lonavala and pune in no time. After covering more than 100kms we took a short mid-night tea break at a stall on the side of the highway. It was cold now, and my jacket and gloves were not doing a very good job in keeping me warm, but seeing that we just had 100km’s more to cover i pushed on towards satara. We reached satara at 2am and stopped at hotel smile, the same lodge we stayed at during the amboli ride.

Day 2

Samir and Sumedh were supposed to leave from mumbai at 5am and reach Satara by 10 so we waited at the hotel. A phone call later and we found out that they left at 6:30 and were still far behind us, so we decided to move on and ride slow. We stopped at a hotel after Satara for a breakfast of idli sambar and sat there for a good 40 minutes. Another phone call to them and we found out that they were still 30km’s behind us, so we decided to continue further. We reached Kolhapur,  refueled and waited under a tree for them to catch up.

From goa again

After having a couple of cold drinks, lots of water and chatting for a while, the 2 RTRs finally pulled in and stopped for a 10 minute break. they needed the break since they were on the road from 6:30am.

We soon left from that spot and continued riding. The road was long and boring so to add some fun to the ride, i switched bikes with Dhaval and was on the avenger. This was the first time i was riding a cruiser bike and it was fun indeed. Since i wasn’t familiar with the handling, i decided to ride at a safer 80-90 kmph. The avenger was the perfect bike for these kinds of roads,the seat felt like a sofa. I could have ridden it forever, but I switched back to the 220 and returned to my triple digit cruising speed.

The roads here were like a runway, with no traffic and a clear view up to the horizon.

From goa again

I gave into the temptation and unleashed all 21 horses, the bike managed to attain a top speed of 143 kmph, my highest so far. 3 of us were riding fast and we were way ahead of the pack. After another hour of riding at 100 plus speeds, We were a few kms before belgaum where we decided to give the bikes some rest and wait for the others to catch up. Half an hour passed and there was still no sign of them, after some time they pulled in all riding together.

From goa again

The reason they were late was Om’s bike was showing signs of overheating and needed a top up of oil. It was almost 2:30 pm and everyone was exhausted by the afternoon heat, Even the bikes were showing signs of power loss because of the non stop riding in the heat. Hubli was still 100kms ahead and hampi was another 200 kms from there. there was no way we could have made it in daylight and considering that the return journey would have been 800kms in a single day, we would have had to leave early and wouldn’t get a chance to explore it properly in the morning either. Because of all this and the urge to sip on a cold beer, we took a detour the goa instead.

Lunch was done by 3:30 pm and we started riding towards our new destination. It was finally time to take the exit from the boring wide 4 lane highway and hit the narrow road that connects belgaum to goa. The entire route passed through dense forest and had a tree canopy all the way up to goa. Riding through the forest is much more fun than riding on the open highways. We stopped at a couple of places for pictures.

From goa again

On riding a little further we reached a long twisty section that was as good as amboli ghat. None of us were familiar with this route so we had no idea what ghat it was, all we knew was that it was the road to goa. I checked the map later, i think that was anmod ghat. We took a short break at the top of the ghat for everyone to regroup, meanwhile i clicked a few pictures of the place.

From goa again
From goa again
From goa again

After getting that much needed butt break, we rode non stop to our destination for the day. We reached goa at 7pm only to find it packed with tourist. Every road was jammed by cars and busses. Om and Gaurav went looking for a place to stay but they were all booked. I remembered the place we stayed at during my previous goa ride so I went there to check if they had rooms available. Luck was on our side this time and i got 2 big rooms, enough to fit 7 people.

After checking in the rooms, dumping the luggage and freshening up, we headed out to the market area and then to the beach. The rest of the night can be summarized by 3 words – beaches, beer and sea food. We spent a good amount of time at a shack at calangute beach were there was live music complete with lighting effects.

From goa again
From goa again

A couple of beers, chicken dishes, prawns and we were happy people.

From goa again

After dinner we roamed around goa till 2am and finally called it a night.

Day 3

Everyone was tired so leaving early morning was out of the question. Om and I woke up a little early and went to the beach for breakfast. Once everyone was ready we left the hotel at 11am and started our return trip. Some of the guys visited fort aguada while some of us rode slowly ahead. We found a nice hotel just before sawantwadi and waited there for everyone to regroup. It was 12:30pm by the time everyone came so we decided to have lunch there itself. This time lunch consisted of chicken malvani and prawns masala. It was decided to ride nonstop after this to make up for lost time.

From here onwards it was mostly a solo ride for me, a few of them were too fast and some were too slow so i rode alone for a while. I stopped at ratnagiri for 5 minutes but no one showed up so i rode ahead up to chiplun. I reached Chiplun at 5pm and found Gaurav and Om waiting at a tea stall so I stopped there and finally took a long break giving the bike some time to cool down as well. The rest of the group showed up within half n hour and we all filled up on snacks and tea.

We left at 6pm and rode on. This time i was the one who was riding slow while everyone else sped ahead. 100kms later after crossing kashedi ghat alone i found the rest of the group waiting for me by the road side. From here onwards we rode together to vadkhal naka and reached there by 10pm. A quick dinner of egg burji and we started the final leg of the journey, towards mumbai. We covered the entire goa-panvel stretch very quickly, in about 9 hours including breaks, but as usual, something had to delay us.

The karizma that showed signs of overheating the previous day finally seized near karnala and sputtered to the side of the road. We tried starting it, but the engine showed no signs of life. The only option left was to tow the bike to someones place near panvel. Om and Samir were experienced in towing bikes, so Om rode by 220 and Samir took charge of the disabled zma, while i rode Samirs RTR. Dhaval on the avenger was riding in front of the karizma providing light while i rode behind them signaling the speeding cars to go around us instead of honking. The 220 towed it’s fallen brother with ease and at some sections they were doing 100kmph and even overtaking trucks. After calling up friends trying to find a place to park the bike for the night, we got nothing so we were forced to tow it upto chembur. Once it was safely home, we resumed our journey from chembur to borivli and reached home at 1am. As they say, alls well that ends well, I was home at 1am with the feeling of a weekend well spent.

Total distance covered: 1388kms

Full set of pics here


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