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May 23, 2010

An evening ride to pavana dam

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The original plan was to start at 5am and ride to Lavasa. The alarm did it’s job in waking most of us up at 4am, but Craig was still asleep. We kept trying to call him until 5am but he wouldn’t wake up. With no other way of contacting him, we decided to wait for him to call us. He finally woke up at 11:30am and called saying he was at a party last night and got home late. Since the rest of us were up since morning with no plans for the entire day, we decide to start the ride anyway, even though it was already noon.

I started at 12pm and made my way through the traffic chocked milan subway to Santacruz where Craig was waiting. we then continued through some more traffic to Kurla where Dolwin was waiting. the next stop took us through even more traffic to Wadala where Sandeep was waiting. After wading our way through even more traffic, we reached Vashi, which was the first patch of traffic free roads we encountered. The heat and the traffic drained almost all of our energy so we took a short refreshment break at a petrol pump at palm beach road where we had a few cold drinks.

From here onwards, it was going to be a pleasant traffic free ride, or so we thought. There was another jam after Panvel because of road work going on. Thankfully, that was the last traffic jam we had to face and we made our way to Kohpoli quickly. Because of all the delays, it was already 4pm and we were hungry since we hadn’t had anything for lunch. A snack break was long due, so we took one at a small hotel near Khopoli. We resumed the journey at 5pm, and here began the fun part of the trip with the weather a little cooler and the ascent to Lonavala lying ahead of us. The change in humidity was very evident as we gained altitude and the cool Lonavala breeze made it very pleasant from here onwards.

We reached the main junction at took the narrow road that goes to Pavana lake. This road is rarely traveled and it’s very narrow with not many people in sight, the kind of road i like. It was here where we got the cameras out and started clicking pictures every now and then.

From ride to pavana dam

The road kept getting better as we ventured deeper into the interiors of lonavala. There was one point where we were riding between two massive rock faces.

From ride to pavana dam

We were not too sure of the way so we asked a few locals and they told us the lake is 14 km’s ahead. A few minutes later, we caught the first glimpse of the lake.

From ride to pavana dam

The road from here onwards goes around the lake, with multiple high points where you get a good view of the entire lake. We stopped at many places to get some good pics of the lake.

From ride to pavana dam
From ride to pavana dam

After riding a little ahead, i spotted a water tower built over the lake and we sat there for an hour enjoying the wind and the sunset.

From ride to pavana dam
From ride to pavana dam

It started getting dark by now so we decided to move on. A little ahead on the road, we got a glimpse of the massive pavana dam. There was very little light so the pictures didn’t come out well.

From ride to pavana dam

I wanted to ride back home, but these guys had a sudden craving to go to burger king at pune. since we were 3 against 1, i had to join them. instead of riding back to the main highway, we decided to take that interior road itself upto pune. The road was narrow and had patches of gravel and potholes. there were steep ascents and decents which added to the thrill of riding there at night. There was a small stall where we stopped for a cup of tea and to ask directions. after confirming that we were on the correct route, we moved on and reached pune by 9:30.

We thought that burger king was the original american franchise and were expecting it to be a huge place like mc donalds, but after making our way to MG road, we were surprised to see that it’s just a small shop that looked nothing like the burger king we were expecting.

From ride to pavana dam

Since we were there, we decided to try it out anyway. it took half n hour to get our order and it was already 11pm. I was in a hurry to get home so i moved ahead while the others took a lot of breaks along the way. It was a nonstop ride back home with a small break at panvel toll plaza. I reached home at 2:30 am and entered the house without waking anyone up, while they reached home an hour later.


  1. nice!

    Comment by Kiran — May 24, 2010 @ 9:13 am

  2. Good one! I am planning to go to Pavana dam tomorrow from Pune. I’m sure it will be great!

    Comment by Praveen — October 22, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

  3. Hey, nice travelog
    I am a noob rider thinking of trying Pavana Dam as my first outstation ride and I needed some help on the route
    Can you please mark out the route you took from Lonavala on Google Maps ?
    There seems to be one road from Lonavala which touches Bhushi Dam and Lions Point, but it seems to be a dead-end road at Pavana
    There is another road from Kamshet which seems to go alongside Pavana Dam for a long while (and continues on towards Pune)

    Which of the two roads did you take ?

    Comment by Pradosh — June 23, 2011 @ 10:51 am

    • we took the road that goes through the market. you can go there and ask any of the people for directions. i am not sure if google maps has that route

      Comment by Anonymous — June 23, 2011 @ 12:26 pm

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